GSP: “Of all the guys, I would NOT want to fight Condit again”

Condit Alves UFC Fight Night 67
Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre claims that out of all his previous opponents, “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit was the biggest nightmare.

Here is what “Rush” had to say in a recent interview with Bloody Elbow’s Mark Bergmann:

“Carlos Condit is a nightmare,” St-Pierre said. “Of all the guys that I would not want to fight again, it would be Carlos Condit. Because Carlos Condit […] is very well rounded, things can come out of every angle, from everywhere. Johny Hendricks is very good at what he does. Not as surprising as Carlos Condit, but he’s very good at what he does. He hits very hard with his left. But I do believe right now, if you talk about ranking and positioning, the man that deserves the title shot would be Johny Hendricks. That’s what I believe. But Carlos Condit is not far behind. And on a five round fight, I believe right now in the mix, Carlos Condit might be the most dangerous guy. He has more weapons in his arsenal and you never know where it’s coming from. It’s just a nightmare fighting a guy like this.”

GSP continued:

“If I would have to bet – let’s have no choice – between Lawler, Hendricks and Condit, I believe Condit is the one that will emerge victorious. That’s on a five round fight. He’s a nightmare.”

Georges St. Pierre defeated Carlos Condit via unanimous decision at UFC 154 in November of 2012.

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