GSP: ‘I Lost the Desire to Hurt My Opponent’

GSP Silva

GSP Silva

“I have more fun in training. When I fought Jake Shields, I didn’t have a great training camp and I was not satisfied with my performance. Then I got hurt. It let me rest mentally and physically, and I came back against (Carlos) Condit more hungry. My training camp was great, my fight was great. Then after, against (Nick) Diaz, I lost a little bit of hunger. I didn’t perform the way I wanted to against Diaz. And then obviously my last fight (against Johny Hendricks), my training camp wasn’t good at all. I did it because I had to, not because I felt like I wanted to.

“… When you go in there, you need to have the feeling you like you want to hurt this guy. I lost that. For too long, too many criticisms, too much pressure, the spotlight, I couldn’t rest – and I’m an obsessive-compulsive guy. Everything I did in my life was leaning toward that goal of becoming the best of the best. Now that I took a break from it, it allowed me to find pleasure in it.”

Despite the rumors floating around that former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre would be coming back for a fight, it sounds like he has lot the urge to hurt his opponent.

St. Pierre used to be a ruthless killer in the octagon. Maybe he wasn’t as entertaining as the rest of the knockout artists, but he was relentless in making sure his opponent was outclassed. He outwrestled Josh Koscheck and outgrappled Jake Shields— the due is a freak of nature.

If he doesn’t have that same instinct he once used to, maybe it would be right for him to watch from the stands rather than fight in the cage.

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