GSP: ‘I’m Wealthy, I Can Say What I Want’

Georges St-Pierre

gsp angry


Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre says that fighters in the UFC should just keep their mouths shut when it comes to the Reebok deal.

He recently talked to the media during a training session and said that he’s wealthy and doesn’t have to fight to make a living, so feels like he can speak freely on issues like Reebok and drug testing, but that fighters who aren’t as fortunate as him probably shouldn’t try to speak out.

“I’m wealthy now. A few years ago, I didn’t make as much money. It was easy for people to say, ‘Oh yeah? You’re talking bad about us? Out. You’re out. We don’t hire you.’ There are a lot of guys in the same situation. They think the same things as me, but they don’t have the power I have. I don’t need to fight anymore. If I don’t want to fight, I am wealthy, I am happy. I don’t need this anymore. I don’t have to. Maybe I would like to, but I don’t need to.”

“Some of the guys, when you’re a professional athlete, it’s not a jet set life. It’s a very hard life. These guys, they don’t make a lot of money. They need to keep their mouths shut. If you open it and say what you think, you saw what happened in the Reebok thing. If you talk bad about certain things you’re kicked out.

“Some of these guys, they need the income. I understand that and I’m no different. But now I’m in a position where I can say what I think. I’m just not disrespectful. I don’t say names or anything, but this is a problem. I’m talking for a lot of people. Trust me.”

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