GSP: ‘Dana says he’s sure I won’t come back, that’s his opinion’

Georges St-Pierre

gsp angry


“[Dana White] says he’s sure I won’t come back, that’s his opinion. I train, I keep myself in shape. I have marks on my body because my body bruises easily and I’m training hard. It doesn’t mean I’m coming back, but it doesn’t mean I’m not coming back. I’m thinking about it. Dana always does what’s good for the business side. I was never angry at him. On the contrary, he had a good reason to say that to come back — you have to be hungry.”

“What would give me the most pleasure is to see Rory take the title. I feel like I would have accomplished something new. My duty is to help him up. Right now, I am where I am, and if it had to end, I ended at the top. I ever want to go back, I’d snap my fingers and it wouldn’t be too hard to get back in fighting form.”​


In a new interview with the Canadian Press (via The Winnipeg Sun), former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre discusses a potential return to the Octagon, and Rory MacDonald’s title shot.