Greg Jackson: ‘Jones Will Try To Wrestle With Cormier, No Doubt’

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Ahead of his UFC 182 bout against Daniel Cormier, there has been much talk of what gameplan Jones will use against an elite level wrestler such as Daniel Cormier.

Recently, Jones said that he would look for the takedown against DC, something his head coach Greg Jackson also agrees with.

He spoke to MMAFighting.

“We’re definitely going to try to wrestle Daniel, there’s no doubt. We’re trying to beat him everywhere. The kind of inception of that mentality started actually way back when I was working with Georges (St-Pierre), and he took down (Josh) Koscheck. Sun Tzu always has this thing where he says ‘always attack your enemies weaknesses.’ But that’s not true. If you have the ability to attack your opponent’s strength, the psychological breaking process is much faster than if you’re just attacking his weaknesses.

“Fighting is a very scary thing, right? You get in there, people are trying to knock your block off. You have faith in yourself. You have to be like, ‘This is what I go to. When I’m in trouble, here’s what I go to.’ If you, right off the bat, take that safety zone away from somebody, psychologically now this guy’s gone. And that breaking process is accelerated. Not just like you’re going to break like you quit, because that’s not what breaking is at this level. Breaking is accepting. Like, they just can’t figure out a way to get around you now. So it’s important to understand that some fighters, you need to attack their strength, as long as your guy is able to do that. The Sun Tzu maxim doesn’t always hold.”

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