Green Power Ranger Still Wants CM Punk Fight

CM Punk

“He says ‘I didn’t know about this, I only know he’s the Green Power Ranger’ so it’s like dude, you do know me. Acknowledge that you know me, whether this is going to happen or not.”

… “The frustrating part is I’ve trained with UFC guys. I’ve sparred Melvin Guillard, he can vouch for me, I’ve sparred Mike Bronzoulis, he’s an amazing fighter. I spar all these MMA guys and I earned my respect. I used to spar with Derrick Lewis all the time, he’s a heavyweight in the UFC, the guy is a beast. You can ask Derrick up front about me, he’d say I’m legit. I would throw down with him.”

“I’m not going to lose. He’s not hungry. He looked like he regrets the deal. He looks scared, he looked nervous. I’m hungry because I want this fight. I’ve wanted this for two years. He needs to figure it out because there’s way too much hype in this. He can continue to ignore me and he can go to bed every night and go to sleep and know that he’s been punked.”

“I’m totally more legit than him. It’s just kind of silly. This is a logical fight. I just feel my track record’s huge. But in reality The Green Power Ranger vs. CM Punk is the same thing. CM Punk comes from fake wrestling, and the fans are going to kill me for saying that, but it’s entertaining. It’s great, but it’s entertainment. I come from the entertainment industry, but I’m a life long martial artist. I go way back.

“The only negative side of this fight happening would be the UFC being accused of turning this into a circus side show — well, you kind of already are (signing CM Punk). So why not do it, sell a lot of tickets and it would be a big box office draw.”

“I wish him the best, but he doesn’t know what this world is.”

The Green Power Ranger tells FOX Sports that he still wants to fight newly signed UFC fighter, CM Punk.

Is this a fight they should consider?


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