Green Power Ranger: ‘I Don’t Need CM Punk Money, I’d Fight Him For Free’

Phil Brooks


Even though it seems absurd for “Green Ranger” Jason David Frank to be calling out a UFC fighter, he actually has more experience inside the cage than CM Punk.

In what could go down as one of the silliest feuds in UFC history, CM Punk’s acknowledgement of Frank ignited a fire under the ranger’s butt and he went on a YouTube rant, calling out Punk and saying he would even fight him for free!

“This is the fight world, dude. You have entered the UFC. You have entered one of the most dangerous sports of all time. The top UFC bran— I don’t care. You just put yourself on the line and, ‘Oh everyone wants to call me out’— dude I’ve been calling you before you were even thinking about MMA. I’ve been calling you out for a year and a half and you have not responded.”

“You went to Chicago Wizard World incognito— DISGUISED! Because I was there. Why don’t you come tell me? Why don’t you come tell me to ‘F Off’ in my face?”

“This is not about me wanting your ‘CM Punk Money’… what I want is you to fight. And Dana White, I’ll fight for free! I don’t care about the ‘CM Punk Money’— I got more experience than you. I don’t care what the haters say. I don’t care if this video goes viral… The only person I want to see this video is YOU CM Punk.”

Do you think this fight would actually make sense for Phil “CM Punk” Brooks’ UFC debut? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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