Gracie: ‘Cyborg’s getting too much credit’


“I think people are giving Cris ‘Cyborg’ more credit than she deserves, in the sense of beating Ronda. No offense to her, she’s obviously an amazing athlete and has done amazingly well in MMA, and from what I hear is a great person as well. This is just me personally, I know what it feels like to roll with a very athletic, strong person. People say rolling with Cris ‘Cyborg’ is like rolling with a man, you don’t have to go easy, you’re rolling very hard. And I’ve rolled with a lot of world class men, martial arts, jiu-jitsu, MMA, and I know what they feel like. Ronda doesn’t feel like them. That’s the whole point. She’s beyond. I don’t say rolling with Ronda is like rolling with a man. I’ve never said those words and I never will. Rolling with Ronda is like rolling with an alien. I’ve rolled with very good fighters, all of whom have been compared to ‘Cyborg’ in terms of athleticism and her power, and I think all of that is great. But there comes a point where there’s something beyond strength and power and tenacity, right? And that’s the special gift that Ronda has, and has sharpened and honed over the last 15, 20 years.”

Rener Gracie, one of Ronda’s closest advisers, discusses the champ’s dominance and the thought of Cris Cyborg challenging Ronda in a cage fight.


(Quote via The MMA Hour)

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