Goodridge: ‘Boxing almost done,—wrestling too, UFC standing with their hands raised’ – Exclusive

Gary Goodridge

Do you listen to Radio? If not, your missing out. The most recent show featured Gary Goodridge, Yancy Medeiros, Vic Grujic and JT Torres. Check out the full replay HERE.

Gary Goodridge, former UFC fighter and MMA legend, stopped by Radio and talked about his career, the current state of MMA, and his dislike of a certain UFC fighter.

The show’s host, Anton Skoro, started the interview by asking Goodridge how he felt about missing out on the current, more popular (and lucrative), state of MMA. Does he wish he could have started his career later?

“I’m happy to be one of the pioneers, not everybody can do that,” said Goodridge.”Of course I would like to make the money they’re making now, and it’s not even a drop in the bucket of what they will be making eventually but I’m happy to be in it. I came out when I came out. I didn’t start fighting until I was 30 years old; these guys are starting much earlier these days.”

Goodridge went on to express his thoughts on fighters starting younger and training in all facets of the game from the beginning, rather than being good at one area and trying to catch up in all the others.

“I love it, I love to see the sport grow and going in that direction and moving. Moving in that direction and growing means there’s more money, there’s more people, and everything’s getting better.”

Of course, the topic of fighter pay came into the conversation and Goodridge gave his optimistic opinion on the subject when asked if he thought MMA fighters would ever make “Mayweather” money.

“I believe eventually they will. I truly believe that. [MMA] is the new and improved sport, of wrestling and boxing.—Boxing is almost done,—wrestling is going to be eventually gone too, which is going to lead to UFC standing with their hands raised. So of course the money’s going to flow over. Dana White’s doing a great job moving the sport ahead, and I tell you only good things are going to become of it.”

By Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

Listen to the live interview below:

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