GOAL! ‘Retire as the GOAT’, DREAM! ‘Fight Anthony Pettis’

Jose Aldo Wins
“I’m sure that I’m on of the best of all time. I don’t see where am I yet. When I stop, I want to be the greatest of all. I still seek some achievements. I’m the only UFC 145-pound champion in history and I want to keep that way until I retire. I also want to break all the UFC records in a way that my name will be printed forever.”

“For me it would be a dream (fighting Anthony Pettis for the LW belt) but it’s a decision that the UFC has to make and I’ll accept any opponent. There is a russian already in the line (Khabib Nurmagomedov) and he deserves the shot. I’m a patient guy and would be happy if the UFC decides for that. Otherwise I’ll keep fighting at Featherweight division”.

“My fight with Ricardo Lamas was going in my way, so there was no point to take risks. I have a lot to lose. I always play with the rules. If it’s not required and I know that I’m winning, I’ll keep going like that until the end. Chad Mendes came aggressive against me and had a good performance, then I was able show my potential.”

“I think it’s great for the Featherweight division having Mcgregor. The division was on hold, when a guy like this emerges it’s good for everybody, because the selling grows. As a fighter, I haven’t studied his game yet, I just hear people talking. When they schedule this fight, I’ll study him, then I’ll be able to speak. The division is in a mix right now and it’s good. I’ll face anyone that the UFC put against me and I’ll win.”

During a recent interview with Brazil’s Combate.com UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo discussed his legacy, goals and more.




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