Glory 9: NYC Preliminary Card Play-by-Play and Live Results

Glory 9 makes it United States debut on June 22nd and showcases a stacked card headlined with a heavyweight bout that pits Errol Vimmerman and Rico Verhoeven. It will also feature an 8-man slam tournament in the light-heavyweight division.

As for the undercard for Glory 9, this article will feature up-to-the-minute play-by-play for the entire event, including the undercard. Refresh the page often to load results, as they happen LIVE from the Hammerstein Grand Ballroom from New York City, New York.


Andrea DeAngelo vs. Laura Byrnds (Featherweight Bout)

Round 1: The first round started with DeAngelo stalking Byrnds. Both were more than willing to exchange wildly while it seemed DeAngelo got the better of each exchange. Technique was also on DeAngelo’s side as she mixed in a variety of techniques, most of which landed flush. The round ended with DeAngelo landing a high-kick.

Round 2: The first bout of the night set a positive tempo early as strikes were easy to come by. DeAngelo looked to counter in this round but was still far more effective with her combinations and leg kicks. DeAngelo did slow in this round but her superior technique. Byrnds was rocked in this round but met the 8-count and resumed the fight just before round 2 ended.

Round 3: Byrnds knew she might very well be down two rounds heading in to the third and came out very aggressive in this round, constantly pushing forward even while catching hard counters. She was, however, able to land some of the most significant strike in the fight. After catching a hard haymaker from DeAngelo, Byrnds was able to generate offense from the clinch. THe round ended with DeAngelo throwing a whirlwind kick that didn’t find its mark.

Official Decision: Andrea DeAngelo defeats Laura Byrnds via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)


Andrew Ball vs. James Smith Jr. (Middleweight Bout)

Round 1: This one started with a good counter from Jr. and never stopped. Both swung wildly until Jr. was able to rock Ball and force a standing 8-count. Ball met the count and continued, now attempting to use his reach advantage but to no avail. Ball was once again dropped right at the end of the round after he was caught with a flush counter, but met the count to end the round.

Round 2: Ball was knocked down early in this round with a high kick from the much faster Jr. who kept control of the ring. Both met, exchanging had kicks to the body and legs, with neither taking a second to breathe and work for a combination. Jr. had the speed and power advantage, though, and used them whenever he wanted to. The fight was paused when Jr. was hit with a kick to the groin, but he was able to return shortly after.

Upon the restart, Ball found some success with a high kick and single shots that he used to close the distance and points late in the round in one that Ball could have stolen.

Round 3: Ball used his new-found momentum to take control early in round 3. Jr. was able to ick the legs out from under Ball . Once they stood back up, a fresher looking Ball pushed forward in an attempt to sway the judges back in his favor. Ball found his range and power early on in this round and planted a hard shot on Jr. that dropped him. Jr. attempted to get back to his feet but was unable to before the referee counted him out.

Official Decision: Andrew Ball defeats James Smith Jr. via Knockout at 1:34 of Round 3


Chris Mauceri vs. Niko Tsigaras (Featherweight Bout)

Round 1: Both men came out looking to use feints and stinging low kicks to get in close. Tsigaras took control, landing flurries while backing Mauceri up. Tsigaras slowed down after a quick start, though and left his guard open, while Mauceri walked right in. Tsigaras maintained composure throughout the round and seemingly landed more shots while using big hooks to keep Mauceri off-balance.

Round 2: Tsigaras seemed to smell blood in this round as he looked to finish Mauceri off with strikes early, while utilizing only punches. He used kicks to set up combinations but Mauceri owned the kicking game. Mauceri used a nice teep kick as well as hard, accurate body shots to slow the pace of Tsigaras. Mauceri was in clear control of this round and began to set his own tone for this bout. Tsigaras, sensing that he was losing control, attacked the body of Mauceri relentlessly as Mauceri sat in the corner and used any defense he could muster to avoid being dropped.

Mauceri wasn’t going to go away easy, however, and started landing knockout shots to the head of Tsigaras, finishing the round after a series of effective shots that hurt Tsigaras.

Round 3: Mauceri had more in his gas tank for round 3, throwing with much more agility and speed. Mauceri never kept up on Tsigaras, who was badly hurt for the entire round. Mauceri started unloading anything he had left and landed a handful of punches that cuased the Hammerstein Grand Ballroom to wince and cheer, equally at each shot that landed.

Official Decision: Chris Mauceri defeats Niko Tsigaras via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-28)


Nick Pace vs. Levan Makashvili (Featherweight Bout)

Round 1: UFC veteran, Nick Pace started this fight well, utilizing leg kicks at the end of combinations and to start them, all while staying low to the ground. Pace worked a successful counter and pleased the partisan crowd as he landed punches to Makashvili. Pace pressed on while throwing a lunging jab to get close. Pace ended the round attacking Makasvili and holding him in a clinch until the final bell.

Round 2: Both men sought early momentum in round 2 as they refused to back up. Pace was landing cleaner in this round while anticipating the counter beautifully and weaving out-of-the-way just in time. Pace looked extremely slick and swept Makashvili to the delight of the crowd and his corner in a move that pushed him even farther ahead on the scorecards. Pace scored again, getting to the punch quicked and landing an inside hook that beat Makashvili to the mark.

Round 3: Calm and composed, Pace pushed forward all the while using a leg kick that sent a shockwave throughtout the venue. Makashvili attempted to score with wild flurries but was countered effectively by Pace. Makashvili did gain momentum in this round while Pace;s corner urged him to come forward. Makashvili felt as though he could steal the fight and tried just that, emptying his tank in an effort to stop Pace.

Official Decision: Nick Pace defeats Levan Makashvili via Majority Decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

Casey Green vs. Rob Plotkin (Middleweight Bout)

Round 1: This fight didn’t last long at all. Rob Plotkin came out with one mission: to stop Green early. Plotkin landed haymakers from the opening bell and dropped Green with a hard knee. Upon the restart Plotkin attacked once more and dropped Green with a brutal series of strikes. Green’s corner decided they had seen enough and threw in the towel, just over a minute in to round 1.

Official Decision: Rob Plotkin defeats Casey Green via (T)KO at 1:16 Round 1.

Brett Hvaleck vs. Paul Malfort (Lightweight Bout)

Round 1: Phil Nurse protege and New York Native, Brett Hvaleck came out cautiously, countering Marfort while ending each with a kick to the leg or body to make Marfort think twice about coming in. Hvaleck swept Marfort and kept his distance, although Malfort was able to find a home for his punches and negated the counters of Hvaleck.

Round 2: Marfort knew he had stolen the latter part of round 1 and felt that he could do the same in the second. He went after Hvaleck with little regard for the counter. Both traded leg kicks as well as hard one-two shots. Marfort was the aggressor for this round. Hvaleck looked tentative in this round as well, as he looked for answers for the hard-charging Marfort. Upon hearing the hammer, marking ten seconds left in the round, Hvaleck let loose head kick after head kick, but none landed flush.

Round 3: Hvaleck engaged in the clinch early and found Marfort’s head with a sharp knee. Hvaleck went back to his earlier form in this one, landing more effectively while countering with more shots than Marfort threw. Hvaleck escaped danger by weaving in and out while throwing hooks with varying speeds. Hvaleck left it all out there late in the fight while throwing a cartwheel kick to end the third round in a very technical fight that saw positive aspects from both men.

Official Decision: Brett Hvaleck defeats Paul Marfort via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Quick Results:

Andrea DeAngelo Defeats Laura Byrnds via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Andrew Ball defeats James Smith Jr. via Knockout at 1:34 of Round 3.

Chris Mauceri defeats Niko Tsigaras via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-28)

Nick Pace defeats Levan Makashvili via Majority Decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

Rob Plotkin defeats Casey Green via (T)KO at 1:16 of Round 1.

Brett Hvaleck defeats Paul Marfort via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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