Gina Carano Kicks As* In New ‘HEIST’ Movie Trailer

While all eyes seem to be on UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and her acting career, former WMMA pioneer Gina Carano has been doing it for a while now.

She’s now set to appear in a new movie starring Robert De Niro and Dave Bautista, called HEIST.

The trailer just recently came out and the movie is set to be released in theaters on Nov. 13. In the trailer, which you watch below, we don’t see a ton of Carano until towards the end, where she’s involved in a pretty crazy high speed chase and of course some hand to hand combat.

In this film, Carano plays a cop named Officer Bajos, who’s chasing down a bus full of suspected robbers who hijacked it to get away.

So far, who do you like better in movies, Carano or Rousey?

‘When their attempt to rob a casino owned by the feared gangster Pope (Robert De Niro) goes awry and a shootout ensues, Vaughn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Cox (Dave Bautista) are forced to flee on foot and hijack city Bus 657 and take the passengers hostage. Now, in a high speed chase, Vaughn will not only have to outwit the police, led by Officer Bajos (Gina Carano) who are in hot pursuit, but he will have to contend with Pope’s maniacal right hand man, Dog (Morris Chestnut), in order to make it through the day alive. But we quickly learn that things are not what they seem, and Vaughn has more than one card up his sleeve. HEIST will be released by Lionsgate Premiere in theaters and on demand November 13.’

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