Getting Your Forum Fix –– You’re Welcome!

It’s time for your daily fix of some of the gems floating around out there in the crowded world of MMA forums.

Don’t have time, don’t have the energy or patience? No worries, we’re going to work to find the best of the best everyday and organize them in one go to spot.

We’ve put them in categories to make it a little bit easier to sort through. You’ve got the best poster of the day, the best comment of the day, the best thread of the day and of course the funny thread of the day. Funny, not funniest. After all, humor is subjective.

Check it out!

Forum Poster of The Day:
Poster: Touch on the UG
Threads: Khabib with friends in airport, looking cool (pic), Fedor signing a ninja turtle doll (pic), Chad Mendes standing with a taller dog (pic), Rampage can’t wait for Fedor’s comeback! (pic), just to name a few!




Comment of The Day:
Poster: Carson’s Corner radio show on the UG
Thread: Have people been emailing lundvall? (NSAC)
Comment: “I challenged her to fight under UFC rules for one five minute round…so far no response.”

Thread of The Day: (For the second straight day! Make it happen!)
Poster: sloppyfloppys on the UG
Thread: Presidential Petition to reinstate Nick Diaz.

Funny Thread of The Day: (That sucks, but funny pic!)
Poster: caseharts on the UG
Thread: Zuffa Claimed IP of my image

“Got an email that said they claimed this image as infringing? It seemed pretty fair use to me. Anyone want to weigh in. I don’t mind too much but I am curious and maybe someone can explain why its not fair use. cheers”

MMA’S Best React To Nick Diaz 5 Year Suspension
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