Getting Your Forum Fix –– You’re Welcome!

Check out today’s daily forum fix and see what’s floating around out there in the MMA forum world.

Everyday we’re going to do all the digging and searching for you, since you’ve probably got better things to do. Then we’ll put all the fun gems we find into one convenient post.

In today’s forum fix we’ve got a thread that’s still being updated after a year, full of weird action figure pictures, a video of a drunk college kid begging for mac and cheese until he gets taken down by a chef, and then, last but not least, we have audio of an apparently intoxicated Rampage Jackson calling a member of the MMA media.

Check it out!

Thread of the Day:
Thread: Superhero grappling fun (pics)
Poster: DiscipleDojo
This guys started this thread last year and is still updating it with these weird action figure grappling pictures.






Comment of the Day:
Thread: Frat Boy Just Wants His Mac & Cheese – Vid

Poster: Dick Niaz
“That kid doesn’t know it yet, but he just lost every job he is ever going to interview for.”

“Bacon jalapeño mac and cheese does sound delicious, though. I’m not saying I condone his behavior, but I get how this could happen.”


Funny Thread of the Day:
Thread: A drunk Rampage Jackson gives Ariel Helwani a call


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