Getting Your Forum Fix –– You’re Welcome!

Today we have a very special forum fix for you. It might be one of the funniest ones we’ve posted. Not only does it include a video of perhaps one of the most epic and ridiculous family fight ever, but we’ve also got a beautiful photoshop gallery featuring some of the funniest Dana White/UFC fighter creations out there!

Who has time to waste on the computer all day, checking MMA forums for the good stuff? There’s just so much BS being posted that it’s hard to sift through it. No worries, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Check out the thread of the day, the comment of the day and funny thread of the day.

Check it out, enjoy!

Thread of the Day:
Poster: D241
Thread: Epic family fight, even grandma gets punched
So, this truly is an epic family fight, including hair pulling, grandma pushing and flying kicks!

Comment of the Day:
Thread: Fighter litterally gets the CRAP beaten out of him
Poster: TheDarkPassenger
Comment: For being the first to make a terrible poop joke about the fighter who messed his pants during fight, you win comment of the day! “Lol what a shitty situation”

Funny Thread of the Day:
Poster: ITookANotoriousMoneyShot
Thread: Dana and his beautiful family (pic)
This whole thread is a thing of beauty!

Check out some of the pictures posted in the thread:

dana family pic








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