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We’re here to help you, so with that in mind we’ve compiled some of the best posts, comments and threads from around the MMA forum world.

Looking for fun posts can be a daunting task, especially with all the nonsense and crap floating around there. There’s so much it’s hard to sift through everything in order to find those cherished gems.

Take a look at the poster of the day, thread of the day, comment of the day and funny thread of the day.

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Poster Of The Day:
Poster: Morpheus1976
Thread: vanessa hanson




hanson 5



Thread Of The Day:
Poster: Straydog24
Thread: Sakuraba “The Gracie Killer” Tribute

Comment Of The Day:
Poster: Blade Brown
Thread: Suge Knight vs Shaquille O’neal in an Mma fight
Comment: ‘But wouldn’t Shack have Koby Bryant by his side throwing bows with him’

Funny Thread Of The Day:
Poster: cvincent1514
Thread: Key and Peele Ultimate Fight Preview

MMA’S Best React To Nick Diaz 5 Year Suspension
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