Gene LeBell: Rousey’s Finish Was 12.83 Seconds, Not 14 Seconds

Rousey wins 184

Judo legend Gene LeBell, who has been in Ronda Rousey’s corner for many of her UFC fights, and traditionally plays the role of timekeeper for the champ, believes that Rousey’s UFC 184 win over Cat Zingano came in 12.83 seconds, not 14 seconds, as UFC officials have it.

LeBell spoke to Ariel Helwani to discuss the win, as well as why Rousey’s impressive win was in fact 12.83 seconds.

“12.83 seconds. It somebody says 14 seconds, they’re lying. I’ll annihilate, mutilate, and assassinate them.”

“How do you say something about the best that ever was? She is a classis in her field and a legend in her own time. I’ve been to two world fairs and an all-night gas station, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

When asked his thoughts on a potential fight between his prized pupil Ronda Rousey, and Invicta FC champion Cris Cyborg, LeBell took a jab at the Invicta champ.

“I’d love to see that fight. I don’t smoke, drink, take dope, and I don’t like people that take dope. I’m not mentioning any names.”