Frye Certain Fighter Payoffs Will End UFC Lawsuit

“You know, all I know about it is what I’ve read on the internet like everybody else. And I think once these guys get a check wiggled in front of them, they’re going to bounce out. They’re going to take their check, and they’re going to run.”

“It’s not going to last. I mean let’s face it, UFC can litigate you until your great grandchildren die of old age, you know? There’s no law firm that’s gonna take something like that on a percentage basis.”

“And once UFC tells these guys, ‘Hey I’ll give ya half a million dollars, and a million dollars to walk away,’ these guys are gonna take it and go buy themselves a boat and be gone.

“Whenever I hear someone say, ‘I’m doing it for the fighters, I’m doing it for the other athletes, I’m doing it for everybody else, I’m doing it for the little guy,’ I wipe my ass with that comment. You know what, as soon as they get money, they’re going to go.”

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