Frankie Edgar Happy To ‘Give Penn A Chance’

History lesson…

When BJ Penn was the UFC lightweight champion, he cleared out the division, finishing all the top contenders in route to cementing his place as one of the sports most dominant champions in history.

With little to no challenges left, an unranked Frankie Edgar got the call to be the latest victim of BJ Penn’s dominant reign, but it didn’t go down that way.

In one of the biggest upsets in UFC history, Frankie Edgar, an unknown talent, beat BJ Penn to become the new UFC lightweight champion. The first bout was a controversial decision many onlookers believed to go BJ Penn’s way, but the rematch was a decisive victory for Edgar.

We now fast forward a few years and both men find themselves in a new division without championship gold around their waste and Edgar, as he tells the Bleacher Report, is ready to return the favor and give Penn a chance to restart his career.

Check it out:

“It’s the opportunity of the show, it’s the UFC asking me to do the show and it’s BJ Penn.He’s a legend, he’s one of the best lightweights ever. I know I beat him twice, he really thinks he can beat me. He gave me my title shot so why not give him a chance to kind of restart his career. I want to put a stamp on this one. I don’t want anybody’s mind doubting that I’m the man now. I’m the guy all the lightweights should be talking about.”

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