Frank Shamrock will corner Ken Shamrock against Royce Gracie

The Shamrock brothers are back together again!

Ken and Frank Shamrock have had a pretty rocky relationship, which has resulted in rumors spreading that they may fight each other one day.

While that never happened, the pair have reunited ahead of Ken Shamrock’s Bellator 149 fight against Royce Gracie on February 19th.

Ken spoke to MMAFighting:

“You gotta forgive and just gotta move forward,” Ken said. “And work with what you’ve got. I think me and Frank have been doing that slowly. He’s not fake; I’m not fake. So, it’s not like we’re gonna smile and hug each other and pretend like nothing ever happened, because it’s not true. But what we will do is recognize that we need to move forward.”

“Mentally, having him in the corner with his knowledge of the game and his experience that he has in there, being in world champion fights. that’s going to be a tremendous help for me.”

In addition, Frank is working on a strategy that won’t allow Royce Gracie to keep Ken in his guard.

“He doesn’t really have any other positions of strength that are gonna hurt Ken. Our whole strategy for that — or my strategy — will be to change the dynamics of the guard, so that he can’t hold it and he can’t rest there, and force him to wrestle and box and do the other things that will make a 49-year-old jiu-jitsu man tired.”

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