Frank Mir Has An Important Message For The Internet Trolls Out There

Frank Mir

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir will take on fellow former champ Andrei Arlovski at UFC 191 in a fight that will most likely determine the next title challenger.

Mir has won two straight, knock out victories over Bigfoot Silva and Todd Duffee, but before that he was on a rough four fight losing streak, which included two TKO losses.

Fans were calling for the former champ to retire and call it quits, but the Mir persevered and is now on the door step of yet another title shot.

So what does Mir have to say to all those internet MMA experts out there who threw insults at him when he was losing? Simply that your life really sucks.

Here’s what he said on Fighthub:

“All you people out there that wanna sit on the computer and be unhappy that your life sucks, so you think everybody else when they go out there and you see them on the side of the road and, you know your personality types – you sit there and you see that guy jogging, who’s 40 lbs. overweight and you make a joke, like ‘yea buddy, nice try’…It’s like no, that dude’s out there trying.”

“Whether he fails and the next day he doesn’t show up because he’s sore, but you know what, in a week he’ll try again. Stop being that guy that throws insults or be that guy and be miserable and I feel bad for you because you really have the worst life of all.”

Take that internet trolls.
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