Frank Mir: ‘Duffee’s Team Have To Hide Razor Blades’

Frank Mir wins

“As far as Todd physically, people look at him and he looks like a physical dynamo. The average UFC fan just looks at him on the scale when we weigh-in and they are like ,’Oh my!’ When he takes his shirt off, he is quite impressive. And I think for two or three minutes he is a very impressive fighter. I just think that his style is very athletically orientated, as in he fights and uses his advantages he has as an athlete. But he hasn’t really grown and learned technique to be efficient, to have his hips under him in the proper way; to move the right way to where he can push that athletic ability to the next level. That being said, I think he spends a lot of his training, I’ve been with him in camp so I know they got to spend so much time on his head, that developing other aspects of his game could cause maybe a lack of confidence and cause him to doubt himself. And those are things he’s already doing. He is very much an extremist and I’m sure there is a five-minute span today where he just thought he could beat the world like King Kong. Then there is a five-minute span where they have to make sure they hide all of the razor blades in the bathroom.”

That’s what UFC heavyweight Frank Mir had to say about his former training partner and opponent at tonight’s UFC Fight Night: Mir vs. Duffee.

Mir told MMAFighting that he doesn’t think Duffee has grown as a fighter and that he lacks confidence. He also made some pretty dark comments about Duffee’s team having to hide the razor blades from him. What do you think of those comments?



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