Frank Mir: “I can’t be defeated anymore”

Frank Mir

“My training is going well, I have no injuries. I have to be faster than him. Normally, I fight at the striking range against my opponents but I can try to take him down. Bigfoot’s wrestling isn’t as good as his striking and his grappling, which are good. If I take him down, I can submit him. If I have a bad performance, obviously I’ll think about retirement. But I’ll face a strong guy and, if we deliver a great show, I won’t quit fighting if I lose. But I can’t think about it, I gave to come well prepared because I can’t be defeated anymore.”

“It’s a big honor to have the chance to show my Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil. The only things missing in my career is to fight in Brazil and in Japan. I expect an audience booing me and being very noisy, like they do at soccer games, because it’s their culture.”

In a new interview with Brazil’s Globo former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir talked about his pending showdown with “Bigfoot” Silva.

The two heavyweights clash in the UFC main event on February 22.