Frank Mir Believes Training With His Family Close Has Hindered His Career

“It’s because my family’s there, it actually hinders my training. Those last few moments when she’s putting my stuff in my bag or I’m tying my tie, I get that kind of, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Not being with the children, not seeing my wife – it’s funny – I’ve always had a coach who’s always tried to find that spark. I think people have even said that sometimes in fights, I sometimes just don’t show up. I don’t want to miss out on anything and I am missing out on things. I’ve never had to deal with that sacrifice, and who would know that that was the spark?”

“I think right now, it’s reinventing myself again and trying to really nail down things I’ve probably been missing my whole career … You know what the true definition of hell is? It’s when you die, you get to meet the person you could have been. People are their greatest enemy. We can just talk ourselves into, ‘Oh, that’s OK, that’s acceptable.’ When there’s another guy in front of me, trying to punch me in the face and take me down, the truth comes out real quick. That’s why I fight. If my mind was not limited by my body, I feel I’d beat everybody in the world. My greatest fear right now is to retire and not have reached my full potential.”

“I hope that he does question my desire. That might give him a little bit of complacency in his training. I’ve heard that, you know, he’s very talented, but lazy at the same time in the gym. I kind of feel bad that Daniel has to be the first one to actually face an in-shape Frank Mir.”

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir, is set to face, Strikeforce import, Daniel Cormier this weekend on the UFC on FOX 7 main card.

As revealed on the FOX special, Road to the Octagon, Mir has left his home in Vegas for the first time in his pro-career to seek training in New Mexico under Greg Jackson. It’s the first time he has been more than 2-days apart from his family.

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