Four Fighters Dropped From UFC’s Roster

“You win some, you lose some.”

A statement that has a few different relevant meanings when discussing the UFC and it’s roster.

On one-hand, the UFC is always bringing in the world’s top prospects. New Fighter signings are an almost weekly event over at the UFC headquarters. Usually though, whenever one man enters, another roster holder leaves. IE: Win some, lose some.

At the same time, you can lose inside the UFC’s Octagon, but you also better win. Winning is a job requirement. So while you can, technically, “lose some”, you also better “win some”. In fact, you better win more than you lose, just to play it safe. IE: Win some, lose some.

With an impressive little programming script, the guys running the UFCFightersinfo twitter account, keep track of all the changes relating to the UFC’s on-line list of current fighters and as of late they’ve dropped a few guys.

Here’s the latest:

While we have confirmed Menjivar’s release, the other men could, at least in theory, have been removed from the UFC’s on-line list of fighters in error. It’s highly unlikely, but if that ends up being the case, we will update the story.

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