Former UFC Title Challenger McMann Latest To Say Reebok Deal Unfair To Women

Sara McMann

UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Sara McMann has some major issues with the new UFC/Reebok deal.

The biggest one? She says it appears to be unfair to women. The former title challenger was a guest on Tuesdays episode of The MMA Hour and talked about her problems with the new deal.

“I feel like this is a really touchy subject just because if you look at the numbers and you look at the facts, there could be a strong case for gender inequity in the way this deal is presented. I think the UFC and Reebok would never want to be perceived as somebody who was treating an entire gender poorly.”

“Gender equity is a very big deal. I’m not gonna come and make statements if I don’t actually have backing, if I’m not in the right. I’m not gonna pitch a fit and throw a tantrum. I’m gonna come intelligently and say that really is not fair.”

“The women are just recently added, but that doesn’t mean that these girls haven’t been fighting for years or been in other sports for years and they don’t deserve to be compensated for that. They deserve $2500?”

McMann also mentioned that she is going to be talking to a lawyer that specializes in these types of issues, in order to gain more information. Do you think she has a valid argument? Sound off in the comments.


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