Florida Teen Uses “MMA Moves” To Subdue Mother And Sister In Domestic Dispute | MMA NEWS

Lets face it, MMA has hit the outskirts of main stream and it’s because of this new and growing status that we now get countless stories of MMA trained Vigilante’s defending the good and other related topics.

Nowadays, it seems as if you have the ability to mimic a choke hold, you too can make your local news broadcast for stopping a criminal with “MMA moves”.

Recently the LandOLakesPatch released a story that doesn’t necessarily shed the same kind of positive light on the sport.

Here it is:

A Land O’ Lakes teen faces domestic battery charges after deputies say he used MMA-style moves on his mother and sister.

According to a Pasco County complaint affidavit, the 16-year-old became “physically abusive” toward his mother and sister after his cellphone was taken away.

The teen choked, kicked and performed MMA (mixed martial arts) moves on his sister, then chased his mother and “placed her in a physically restraining MMA move,” the report stated.

The teen, whose name is being withheld because of his age, admitted to the acts in a non-custodial interview, according to the report. He was arrested and transported to the juvenile assessment center without incident.

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