FLASHBACK! In 2011 White Previewed Jon Jones’ Battle Ahead

UFC president

Dana White 1

“Jon Jones got through a tough test tonight,” said White. “The real challenge starts now. When you become the UFC champion, and you have the charisma and the personality and all the things that Jon Jones has, this kid looks like he could be a breakthrough star that appeals to many different people— but this is where the real challenge begins. Every scumbag, dirtball, what I call Klingons, all the Klingons, the barnacles, they’re probably trying to glom on to him right now, as he’s trying to walk to his car and get back to his hotel.

“Here’s where the real challenge begins. He seems to be a grounded kid, smart guy, has a good family around him and people that care about him.”

Jon Jones began his mission to stardom at UFC 128 when he defeated “Shogun” Rua for the light heavyweight title. As Jones stood in the middle of the octagon with a giant smile on his face, White previewed us of what was in store for Jones from that point on. White proceeded to paint the downfall of a naive champion due to scumbags and slimeballs. White finished by telling MMAFighting, “Hopefully he can get through the nastiness that’s going to come at him.”

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