Firas Zahabi Compares Anderson Silva To Lance Armstrong

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Since news broke of Anderson Silva’s failed pre-fight random drug test ahead of UFC 183, there has been much talk of whether or not Silva is still the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

In the eyes of many, including Chael Sonnen, the failed drug test puts Silva’s past record into question, leaving many to wonder if Silva had been using anabolic steroids his whole career.

Tristar gym head coach Firas Zahabi has some pretty strong opinions when it comes to Anderson Silva’s recent drug test failure, going as far as comparing Silva to cyclist Lance Armstrong.

He spoke in French to La Presse:

“It’s horrible for the sport. Lance Armstrong has not helped the sport of cycling. A lot of people were inspired by his story and afterwards we find out that it’s a lie. Here, we’re going through something similar in our sport.”

“It’s unbelievable that they let them fight. Me personally, I would like the sport to be cleaned up. Because one day, a guy is going to die in the Octagon and we’re going to find out that the guy who killed him tested positive after the fact. Our sport is already dangerous enough as it is. If we add doping on top of that, it becomes madness.”

– Translation via MMAFighting