FINALLY! UFC Responds To Sketchy Vitor Belfort TRT Cover Up Allegations

Vitor Belfort

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has finally responded to accusations that the company covered up one of their top-fighter’s drug tests so he could be permitted to fight at UFC 152.

Vitor Belfort was the focal point in a recent report released by Deadspin titled, “A Sketchy Drug Test Didn’t Stop Vitor Belfort From Fighting At UFC 152″ which accused Belfort of having abnormal and elevated levels of testosterone walking into his bout with Jon Jones at UFC 152. UFC Vice President of Public Relations Dave Sholler spoke out about the report and accusations after UFC 192 concluded.

“Any suggestion or inference there was a cover-up is just categorically false. That period of time with TRT is one that was very tricky for everyone – for the UFC, for athletic commissions, and for athletes alike,” Sholler said. “I think when everybody came to a conclusion that it didn’t have a place in the sport and was outlawed in 2014, we were quick to make sure that we, too, followed suit, as Nevada had said.”

Sholler continued to go on about how UFC is helping cleaning up the sport by partnering up with USADA for random drug tests of their fighters.

“As you look at it today, we’ve signed on with one of the greatest and most stringent drug testing policies in the world through USADA,” Sholler said. “So our positioning on anti-doping in the sport is the same: We have no place for it in our sport, and we’re going to, through Jeff Novitzky and the USADA folks, continue to be aggressive to make sure that performance-enhancing drugs have no place in the UFC.”

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