Launches the First Ever BJJ Tournament for Grapplers with Disabilities, the MMA world’s #1 resource for injury, training and health information, is joining forces with UFC Legend Pat Miletich, NCAA ’01 National Wrestling Champion Nick Ackerman, Bellator fighter Keith Miner, and a host of other talented and disabled mma and bjj fighters, to create the world’s first grappling tournament just for martial artists with disabilities.

“Grapplers Heart will provide grapplers of all abilities to enter their first tournament, return to physical competition after a life-altering event, or just simply to inspire others. We hope to show the world what is truly in a grappler’s heart!” says Dr. Gelber.

Called Grappler’s Heart, the tournament is scheduled for April 2015 in the New York/New Jersey area. The first day will be dedicated to seminars and exhibition matches featuring the best competitors and teachers with disabilities from around the world, while the second day will be a full-fledged Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament with a difference.

Along with the standard divisions based on belt level and weight, the divisions will be further broken down into categories based on ability. Though there are 20 fighters (and counting) already showing interest, Grappler’s Heart is still looking for BJJ practitioners with the following attributes:

Upper Extremity Amputee
Lower Extremity Amputee
Neuromuscular Disorder (ex. CP)
Visually Impaired
Hearing Impaired
Special Needs
Other Disability

If you, or a fighter you know, anywhere in the world fits the bill, go to to sign up for more information. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event or volunteering over the tournament weekend please e-mail Grappler’s Heart director Jon Gelber at

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