Fighters React to UFC’s New Bonus System

Earlier today during the UFC 170 pre-fight media conference call, fighters from the night’s main card weighed in on the UFC new bonus plan.

Daniel Cormier stated:

“I haven’t even gotten a bonus yet, so I don’t think that even applies to me. I just go out there and fight the best that I can. I would love a bonus, but my fight purses are more than, they’re fine for me. I don’t want to cross that bridge until I get there.”

Sarah McMann:

“It probably will open up some different aspects for the other fighters. Like saying, if you only have one knockout on the card, that will obviously get out knockout of the night. But if you open it up to performance of the night, it really opens it up to anybody who does anything spectacular or something that people can talk about or something great. You don’t have to give it more to someone who has the knockout whether it is spectacular or not. You can get performance of the night and go out and have a great show.”

UFC Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey: (pictured)

“I think it will be harder to get a double bonus now. You can’t get fight of the night and performance of the night, but you can get fight of the night and submission of the night, I found that out. You know, that’s the only thing I think is really going to change, I think they’re going to encourage the fighters to go out there and have great matches. I never go in there thinking ‘I’m going to go get this bonus tonight’. I go in there thinking about winning and I always want to win in the most exciting way possible.”

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