Fallon Fox Blasts Cyborg For Fighting Out of Female Range With Steroids


“She went way out of female competitive range, and she did it on purpose. Funny thing is I actually fit within female range of competitiveness, I went to the commissions and got license because of that fact, and some give me crap about doing exactly what I shoulda done. Yet, I find it to be quite insane that some throw hate at me, and don’t say as much about her. Lemme get this correct. I go to commissions, tell them my medical history, get licensed, and compete like transgender women have since the 70’s and I catch flack. Cris goes and grabs steroids, climbs to the top of the women’s division. She takes out Carano, Finney, Coenen – heck she takes out everybody. This is all knowing full well that she’s out of athletic range of women who don’t take steroids. I mean, that was the reason why she took steroids in the first damn place.

There’s a major difference in @criscyborg and me. We are both women that’s for sure. But, one of us did not cheat, and one did. And the cheater was in no way me. My complete MMA record still stands, I’ve not been suspended, and I’ve been licensed again and again. See, I actually care about my wins. Meaning it gives me less joy if I were to intentionally “cheat” in that way.””

In a recent forum exchange on The Underground, controversial transgendered MMA Fighter Fallon FOX discussed Cris Cyborg’s prior use of steroids, and a slew of other topics.

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