Faber Praises McGregor, Disagrees With Muhammad Ali Comparison

Urijah Faber


Conor McGregor has been the subject on nearly every fighter’s mind recently, with some criticizing the Irish star, and others, like Urijah Faber, praising him.

With McGregor’s recent win over Dennis Siver, there has been much talk regarding his upcoming title match against Jose Aldo, with some even going as far as to compare McGregor to Muhammad Ali.

Faber disagrees with the Ali comparison, and spoke to media members in Stockholm.

“I don’t know about that. I mean, Muhammad Ali was a very influential person for a lot of other reasons just from being a great fighter. Right now, Conor McGregor … he can speak well and he dresses like Pee Wee Herman, but it’s not because of anything that he’s done that he’s getting notoriety. Muhammad Ali was a very influential person.”

“I think he’s an exciting fighter. I think Jose Aldo is the best fighter in the world, pound-for-pound. He’s beat guys like Frankie Edgar, Chad Mendes, myself. He’s beat some of the best guys in the game and I don’t think that Conor’s not in his league. I just think that Aldo’s the better fighter. I don’t think they’re coddling Conor, by any means – but they’re definitely keeping him away from guys like Frankie Edgar, Dennis Bermudez and Chad Mendes, for now. Because it’s his best chance against another striker to get the belt because he’s a promotional piece of gold. The guy’s a whole pot of gold.”

– via MMAJunkie