Faber: ‘Cruz Upset my 3rd Grader’

Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz

“We’ve got a third-grader who trains with us, and he came up to me one day and he was like ‘did you hear what Dominick Cruz said? I told him we were going to put Cruz in timeout for hurting his feelings. My third-grader was upset over it.”

“I mean, the impressive thing here was that he actually got a finish, you know. I didn’t think he could do that. I’m pretty sure the only guy he ever actually had a finish over was something like 1-5. So to see Dom do that, yeah, that was impressive.”

“I mean, we weren’t really sitting around thinking about Cruz these past three years. We’ve been out winning fights and winning titles and starting businesses. I guess he was just sitting around with his surgeon thinking about us and thinking about what he’d say when he came back. And then all he could come up with was a third-grade insult.”

UFC bantamweight superstar, Urijah ‘The California Kid’ Faber told MMAFighting.com’s Dave Doyle that he isn’t impressed with Dominick Cruz, or his insults.


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