Expert Discusses Silva’s Supplements, And Their Side-Effects

Anderson Silva
Endocrinologist, Dr. Ali Mohamadi is an expert in the field of medicine, and he’s not afraid to dive deep on Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDS).

The SB Nation Doc has now gone on record to explain exactly what Anderson Silva’s steroids were doing to the former champion’s body.

Many fans are grasping at straws, trying to point out that, due to his leg injury, Silva was using the drugs for medicinal reasons.

That could be true, according to Dr. Mohamadi, but the real side-effects of the drugs are pretty telling.

The Doc talks: (Via

“These drugs wouldn’t speed bone healing itself, but it’s possible the increased muscle mass could make rehab easier than it otherwise would be.”

“They could be potentially extraordinarily helpful in terms of rapid muscle building, both in terms of just physically causing the muscles and proteins to build. It also has a second factor in terms of workouts. It allows you to have an easy recovery period after your workout. That increases the efficiency of your workout.”

“Another possibility is that these showed up in the blood, because Silva was taking a different substance entirely that may have included DHT or DHEA and when they break down in the blood, they turn into androstane and cause a positive test. That would probably be my theory.”

Anderson Silva tested positive for both drstanolone and androstane on a January 9 pre-fight drug test. It was Silva’s first out-of-competition drug test ever performed.

The former UFC middleweight champion denies the use of the substances found in his body.