EXCLUSIVE | War Machine’s Brother Cries Foul In Mack Recount, Says Twitter Comments Not Him

We have been following the beef between Dog the Bounty Hunter and someone claiming to be ‘War Machine’s brother’ very closely today, with extremely harsh comments coming from an account that claimed to belong to War Machine’s brother, Michael Koppenhaver.

Several minutes ago I got off the phone with Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, War Machine’s brother, who passionately and emotionally told me that the Tweets being sent to Dog the Bounty Hunter were in fact from a fake account that did not belong to him. He gave us his personal Twitter handle and we verified the information, which is true.

The account the Tweets were coming from @AlphaMaleSeeJay was changed from self promotional music to making false claims about being War Mcahine’s brother on August 9th. The user at that time Tweeted the following:

Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, whom we spoke on the phone with, told us that statements released by Christy Mack were not entirely true. The events that occurred on the night are as follows according to Michael. Christy Mack and War Machine were in fact still together, and were seen at a Bellator event several weeks ago. He returned to her home to find her having sex with another man. War Machine and the other man got into a physical altercation and Christy grabbed a knife, and War Machine in fact fought for his life, much like he claimed on Twitter when the incident first occurred. Michael went on to tell us that the reason War Machine hasn’t turned himself in is because the judge from his last stint in jail would be his judge in this case, and he feels that she wouldn’t grant him a fair trial.

This story is far different from the one given by Christy Mack, which you can read here.

Michael assured us that he would never say the things that were said on the fake Twitter profile, and went on to tell us about his work as an EMT, and his happy life with his family, that would never involve doing things his brother did, or saying things that were said on the fake Twitter profile.

We would like to sincerely apologize to Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, and clear his name. As a result all articles or posts regarding comments made from the fake Twitter account have been removed from our website as well as BJ Penn’s Facebook.

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