EXCLUSIVE | Louis Fisette’s TUF 18 Fighter Blog Week 10

Louis “Petit Pain” Fisette (6-1 MMA) is one of the youngest talents in MMA’s rich 135-pound division. The 23 year-old Canadian bantamweight is a contestant on this season of (TUF:18) The Ultimate Fighter: Tate vs. Rousey.

Here is what Louis had to say about Week 9 of his ‘TUF’ experience:

In this week’s episode, we have the first of the semis! The episode starts out with some Ronda bringing food over for her team. Very nice of her in my opinion, but our coaches did the same just as much. It was always nice to have outsiders come to out house and take our mind off the game. Kept us busy for a night instead of doing our same old regular routine.

Throughout the season, a lot of us felt like the coaching staff was playing favorites. Looking back, it was more less that Chris and Julianna were more comfortable around the coaches and weren’t afraid to ask for that little extra. I don’t blame them! Chris lived with our nutritionist, worked with Thong for years, and had met Bryan and Miesha in the past. Julianna knew both Bryan and Miesha also. So people get upset that it looks like I was complaining about them getting special attention for their semi-final fights, I thought it was kinda that way throughout the entire season. Chris wasn’t bad, he got quite a bit of extra pad work, but Julianna was really the squeaky wheel! She wasn’t afraid to tell the coaches what she wanted and when she wanted it. So bad that even the coaches started getting annoyed with it. Regardless, what I said was all emotional. I was not upset with Chris or Julianna at all, I was upset at the situation. Nothing personal just the situation!

I really have a world of respect for Chris. I’ve always said that. So I think he was a bit upset when the show aired, but I didn’t mean it to come off like that. 2 or 3 days after getting stitches, I was told to do some game planning stuff. Obviously I was tentative since I was told to have 0 contact for a few weeks, but I was game. Chris was relatively good but connected a few times and I felt the stitches start to rip. That’s when I got frustrated! No big deal, just shouldn’t have been damaging more than I had to.

As far as the fight goes, it went exactly to plan! Chris was going to get the takedown and sub him! I think people expected him to rush in for the shot, but Chris had really good stand up. So he kept his cool, took some shots and landed some good shots. When the time was right, he took mikes back and that was that! Great fight by Chris! I knew from the time I fought him to get into the house he was one of the top guys, and congrats to him, he makes it to the finals!

Louis Fisette

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