EXCLUSIVE: Louis Fisette’s TUF 18 Fighter Blog Week 2

Louis “Petit Pain” Fisette (6-1 MMA) is one of the youngest talents in MMA’s rich 135-pound division. The 23 year-old Canadian bantamweight is a contestant on this season of (TUF:18) The Ultimate Fighter: Tate vs. Rousey.

Here is what Louis had to say about Week 2 of his ‘TUF’ experience:

This week’s episode starts off with Ronda barging in and kicking us out of the gym right at 6pm… I found this really funny as she only did it once. It wasn’t even like her team was ready to train, she was just doing it to give Miesha a hard time. Honestly not a big deal, to me it just seemed childish and pointless. The feud between the coaches was somewhat comical, but I feel like Ronda forced the drama a little. I get that you don’t like Miesha, but just ignore her and do your thing.

We hear about Timny Gorman’s injury. What a tough SOB. He fought and trained with a torn hamstring! I feel awful for the guy, but at the same time with his misfortune I got my second chance! As much as I feel for him, I’m sure he will be back.

I remember sitting there after losing the fight to get in the house. I turned to my dad and said “Hey, I should go at least thank the coaches and Dana.” So, I walked my sad-sad-self over there and just shook their hands and thanked them for the opportunity! I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let them know if anyone were to get hurt, miss weight, want to leave, CALL ME! And sure enough they did!!  To hear Dana say that he had no doubt he wanted me back was AMAZING! I was happy Dana even knew my name. Getting that phone call was so surreal. I heard the news and was on cloud 9. I remember exactly where I was when I got the call, and honestly had 12 hours to pack. Luckily I had just gotten home that day, so I hadn’t even unpacked!

Right when I got there, I got to meet the team. Everyone was very friendly and accepting. I felt like part of the team as soon as I got there. I had the chance to be on Chris Holdsworth’s team, and like I had found out in our fight, man that guy is talented!

Our whole team was super talented. Chris has as good of standup as he does ground game. Cody Bollinger has outstanding wrestling, and is definitely  one of the most talented guys I’ve ever trained with. Then we have Josh, he’s always been a guy ranked just above me on the Canadian scene. To finally get to train with him was great. He’s very talented and was a great training partner to have on the team!

Coming to the first fight,  my nerves were high. My fate rested in Julianna’s hands. If she lost (which the majority of people thought she would) I figured I’d for sure be their first pick to fight. I thought they would expect me to be heavy, since I hadn’t dieted in the few days after losing. Luckily my weight was good and I was still mentally getting ready to fight.

Julianna pulls out the win, which I think left a good portion of people in shock. Honestly, I don’t think Julianna was the most talented girl, but she is tough as hell! We were all proud of her and happy to have control for next weeks match up!

The first few days at the house were a little overwhelming, I was trying to adapt to the weather, the house, the training sessions. It was a lot. Luckily, Miesha had an amazing coaching staff, which made the transition much easier on me! Looking forward to the rest of the season! Always moving upwards and onwards!

In honor of writing this blog for BJPENN.COM, I got myself a cute little dog and named her Penny! Get it, BJ Penn and her names Penny!! I thought it was pretty witty. Check her out, and stay tuned for my Week 3 blog!


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