Ex BoyFriend Schaub’s Had It! — ‘Ronda, You Bash Floyd But Date A Wife Beater!’

Ronda Rousey


UFC heavyweight and ex-boyfreind of UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, Brendan Schaub, said what a lot of fans have been saying since rumors started swirling that Rousey was romantically linked to Travis Browne.

Browne, who is currently on the sidelines while the UFC investigates domestic violence accusations, has been linked to Rousey, who very publicly slammed Floyd Mayweather for his past with domestic abuse.

So, you can understand why fans might be a little confused. Now, to be fair, outside of accusations, nothing confirmed has come out of the UFC’s investigation into Browne’s wife’s comments. His wife took to Instagram back in July and posted pictures of bruises all over her body and said that it was Browne who caused them.

Schaub, on the most recent episode of his podcast, talked about the rumor and had this to say:

“It’s tough when you’re like, uh don’t be a do nothing bitch and you hate on Mayweather, and then your boyfriend’s over here beating the shit out of his wife. And not to mention, he’s still married. So it’s tough when you’re a role model.”

The clip surfaced online, on Reddit MMA (h/t r/MMA).┬áIt should be said that when they release the full episode, it isn’t uncommon for them to edit out sensitive subjects.

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