Erik Koch on Roufusport coaches: “These guys are great men and great teachers”


UFC fighter Erik Koch is defending his longtime gym, Roufusport after head coach and owner Duke Roufus took heat from former students and trainers for his training methods.

Koch took to The UnderGround to support his coach.

If you guys don’t already know I have trained at roufusport for about 5 years now. All this stuff coming out about bad coaching and so forth is ridiculous. Personally from someone trained under duke and Cush both these guys are great men and great teachers. Me having a rough time in my career right now I can still tell you these guys care and don’t just feed people to the wolves, they are very passionate about what they do and truly care. From roses standpoint she talks about leaving because she didn’t care for anybody, but then thinks it’s disrespectful they didn’t pick her up on the show. I can tell you she was in our gym this year and got kicked off the mat for punching someone in the face after the bell rung. To say he only cares about elite fighters is ridiculous. He teaches kid classes to intermediate kickboxing classes he could hire other people, but he does it and is working 24/7. Just want to get my opinion out.

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