Erick Silva: “I will beat whoever is in front of me”

“My first opponent (Saunders) is 6’3″, a southpaw and mainly a kickboxer. Koscheck, however, is shorter than me, orthodox and a wrestler. That’s a huge difference when it comes to practice. Strategically, we had to make some changes, but it won’t be a major problem, because I’ve fought guys like him before. I train everything, so I’m always prepared for surprises. He’ll try to win using his biggest weapon, his wrestling, but he won’t grind me down. I’ve trained for that and it won’t work. My team and I have come up with a strategy to nullify his takedowns and it will prevail. It’s going to be hard punches, knees and kicks for him, all the time. I will beat whoever is in front of me. I want to defeat Koscheck the same way I wanted to defeat Saunders”.

Rising UFC welterweight Erick Silva talks to the Brazilian Press about his last-minute switch up in opponents.

He fights in this weekend’s co-main event. Who you got?

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