Erick Silva Confirms $144,000 Annual Loss Due To Reebok Deal


Fighters are still coming forward with stories of financial loss due to the Reebok deal.

This time it’s welterweight Erick Silva, who told Globo Esporte that he will be losing around $12,000 a month with the new sponsorships deal. A month!

“The UFC changed the way they will pay their fighters with this new Reebok deal, so my manager and I sat down to do the math and it turns out we will lose a lot of money. We will lose 40,000 Reais every month. This is too harsh for those of us with a lot of sponsors, because it will restrict sponsors a lot, and they don’t want to pay an amount they wouldn’t pay if they weren’t going to be exposed on fight night, which is when they get the most exposure.”

Silva says he will lose 40,000 Reais, which converts into $12,000 US dollars. A month!

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