Equal Opportunity? Not In The UFC According To This Report

Ronda Rousey

Miesha Tate Upset

The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 have a long history of raging war with the UFC. From keeping MMA illegal in New York, to more recently claiming that they intend on ‘organizing fighters’ to form a fighters union.

They don’t like the UFC and the UFC isn’t exactly fond of them. In an attempt to get the fighters to organize, the union started a web site called Fighters’ Agenda. What’s on the site? Oh just articles about how the UFC is terrible and what not. For example in one of their recent posts, titled ‘Women Fight Cheaper’, they attempt to smear the UFC by pointing out that the female ¬†fighters make a whole lot less than their male counterparts.

In fact, according to their analysis, women fighters make¬†40-60% less in base salary than the men. So what’s up with that UFC?

Paul Gift, over at BloodyElbow, broke down the statistics and actually came out with a different view. According to all his data and charts, the numbers that the Culinary Workers Union put out are drastically tailored to their needs.

What do you guys think after looking at some of the data?
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