Ellenberger Planning To “Dominate” Gastelum

JAke Ellenberger

“When you’re in the top 15 or the top 10, every fight is very important. Me, myself personally, I don’t pay a lot of attention to rankings, you know because it’s really just a number. If you’re not (above) No. 1 then you’re not the champ. I like the match-up a lot, he’s a tough kid, but I’m more than ready to go in there and dominate. I’m going to keep myself out of any potential danger as much as possible. On the feet I want to be much more tactical, have a lot more movement. I don’t ever look to get into a gunfight — those days are over…”

During a recent chat with MMAMania.com, Top UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger talked about his upcoming fight against TUF winner, Kelvin Gastelum.

The two fighters have, in the past, trained together in Lake Forest, Ca, and now will fight at UFC 180, on Nov. 15.



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