Ellenberger: ‘I know my opponents use PEDs, because they told me’

“I know for a fact I’ve fought guys on PEDs. I’ve had guys tell me that after the fight. I won’t say any names but you can tell. You can tell when you clinch up with somebody. Probably the biggest test is by the way they look, but I’m not going to name names. It’s very common.”

“[The UFC’s new drug testing policy] good for the sport. It’s good for competition, especially when there’s heavier penalties. I think guys are going to tend to think about it a little more if that’s their only income.

“At the end of the day every professional sport has guys that are cutting corners or cheating.”

“The way I view the sport has changed. The way I view myself has changed. There’s the worst case scenario in your head and then you can actually go so much farther then where you think you can. Really not having a choice, I’ve definitely been there the last few weeks. I’ve been in absolute hell. I’ve seen some dark places in the last few weeks. It’s changed the way I view combat sports overall.

“You won’t see a nice guy Jake Ellenberger. You’ll see ‘The Juggernaut.’ You’ll see a guy who wants to leave a pool of blood. A guy who wants to leave brain matter on the post.”