Faber Has Some Financial Advice For Mystic Mac

Conor McGregor belt


UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor isn’t shy when it comes to the subject of money.

The brash Irishman loves to brag about how much money he makes and seems to enjoy flaunting his wealth on camera anytime the opportunity presents itself.

Fellow “The Ultimate Fighter” coach, Urijah Faber, is also no stranger to money. “The California Kid” has done very well for himself financially during his time in MMA.

Faber told media members during a Wednesday press event that he actually tried to give McGregor some financial advice:

“I said, ‘bro, take it down,’” Faber recounted.

“Take the 16,000 square foot rental down to an 8,000 foot rental, you know? He’ll figure it out. He’s a smart enough guy…He’s going to learn a couple little lessons here and there. He’s pretty smart. He’s a decent guy.”

Faber doesn’t agree with the way McGregor flaunts his riches, however. Furthermore, Faber cautioned that what the Irishman — who just a few years ago was on welfare — believes are riches may not, in fact, be that much.

“I mean, don’t be rubbing it in other people’s face that you’re acting like you got a ton of money yet,” he said.

“What you think is a ton of money isn’t a ton of money.”

Faber is wise enough to know that a sudden surge in income doesn’t always mean lasting wealth. Countless professional athletes have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of a few years, after all.

“You can make a lot of money,” he concluded.

“But the key is how much you can hang on to.”

Do you agree with Faber’s financial advice for “Mystic Mac”?

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