Edgar: ‘Faber fight for the fans’

Frankie Edgar

“How can it not be a superfight? Two former champions going at it – I think it’s a superfight. This opportunity came up, and I think it’s a fight that fans have been talking about for years. It’s a superfight. Why not give it to them?”

“I think I match-up good with anybody, but I think me and Urijah are very similar in a lot of ways. I think I am a volume guy, and he may be a bit more tactical, but again I don’t think you can say who is stronger at any one area. We are both good wrestlers, we both stand up well, and we both have a submission game. It’s really tough to say. It’s not going to be who wants it more — because we are both going to want it — it’s who gets off first, who dictates.”

Former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar talks about his upcoming super-fight against Urijah Faber.

Who takes it?

(Quote via MMAJunkie.com)