Eddie Alvarez Defeats Michael Chandler, Takes Back Title in Classic Bout

After a rough start that had fans a skeptics alike clamoring in retrospect at a card that was once planned for a PPV broadcast,  the main card swooped in like a super-hero and saved the day (or late evening) as a rematch of the 2011 Fight of the Year went off as expected.

Both Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez went to battle in a fight that won’t soon be forgotten. Both men were brutalized and battered prompting a now famous picture of Alvarez in back control as both men seemingly fight for air through their own exhaustion and blood.

Viewers saturday night played witness to an incredible contest. Both me had extreme highs and lows during the bout as the final bell was met with an eruption of applause as both men were finally able to exhale.

The decision was one that kept viewers on the edge of their seat as they awaited word on whether or not Chandler had stayed undefeated with another win over Alzvarez, or if Alvarez had won the rematch even after a long layoff and a distracting, to say the least, legal battle with his promoters at Bellator.

Then came the word ‘new’ along with a split-decision announcement once the judges scores had been read.

Alvarez had eked out a razor-thin split-decision win. This victory comes as good news even for the unbiased journalists who cover the sport as now we get to see the rubber match of perhaps the greatest rivalry and corresponding fights of our time.


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