Ed Soares Says ‘Super Fights’ are Still in Anderson Silva’s Future

After former middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s (33-5) first UFC loss to Chris Weidman (10-0) put a momentary halt to superfights featuring Silva, some speculated that these talks would only resume if Silva were to defeat Weidman in a rematch, which has been scheduled for UFC 168, the last show of the year.

Pending the rematch, Silva’s manager Ed Soares recently stated in an interview with Sherdog.com, that the talks of a superfight are still very relevant, especially with a victorious Silva come UFC 168:

“I think the superfights are still on the table. I think right now the superfights are in the future, but right now what should be on everyone’s mind should be the rematch with Chris Weidman.

“If he comes back and beats Chris Weidman,” Soares stated, “I don’t see the reason why the superfights can’t happen.”

Even with a second loss to Weidman, Silva’s legacy in the UFC is firmly cemented and although a loss may hurt hype and PPV buys for a superfight, lets not be hasty to put it out of the realm of possibility.


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